Stereo Zoom Microscope AK-03- stereo zoom microscope yaxun ak 03 1.Magnification: 20X~40
  • Stereo Zoom Microscope AK-03

Stereo Zoom Microscope AK-03

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stereo zoom microscope yaxun ak 03
1.Magnification: 20X~40X
2.with one white lamp from the up
3.Working distance: 76 mm

stereo zoom microscope yaxun ak 03


widely used in electronics industry, assenbling and inspection of precise instruments and meters,educational experiments,observation and research.Tt can be used in thr schools,research institutes,factories,and families to study the geology,aruside appearance of objects


Eyepiece: WF 10X                
Objective: rotated 2x ~ 4x                
Magnification: 20X~40X                
Working distance: 76 mm                
Plate: frosted glass

electric index:

input voltage:220v/50Hz or 110/60Hz (optional)

illuminating style:

1. natural light

2. incident light of 12v/10w(without transmitted illuminator)

3. incident halogen light 12v/10w(without transmitted illuminator)

4. both incident and transmitted illuminator 12v/10w

5. both incedent and halgen illuminator 12v/10w

the above 5 styles are optional